Services & Pricing

Let’s talk business. I want to work with you, and help your business reach its full potential. Here’s how I charge my work:

Fractional CMO

As a fractional executive, I will be a dedicated resource for your business. This includes helping you develop and execute your go-to-market plan, building out your team or external resources, and providing ongoing support and guidance. I won’t manage team members directly, but I will plug in as a mentor to help grow, and even recruit talent for your business. We will have regular check-ins and I will work closely with you to ensure that your business is on track for success.

Growth Coach

If you’re looking for more targeted support, my coaching services may be a good fit. With this option, we will work together to identify specific areas of your business that need attention and develop a plan to help you reach your goals. I will be available for regular check-ins and will provide ongoing guidance and support.

Thought Partner

For partners that are not committed to an ongoing relationship, I offer thought-partnership in hourly chunks. Thought partners can book 1 or 2 hour sessions with me, and we’ll work and think together in real-time.

5 Hours
10 Hours
20 Hours

These hours are billed in advance, with a discount given for a larger commitment. When you’ve used up your hours you can simply refill at any level that you want.

The “Gordon Ramsey”

I will Gordon Ramsey* the %@$# out of your *#($^% business (swearing is optional). This is a deep and thorough audit of all aspects of your business and operation. I will virtually embed as a part of your team for 4 weeks:

  • Week 1: Focused on the founder(s), the business history, and your goals.
  • Weeks 2-3: Interview/shadow your team, understand your tech and business systems, and vendor resources
  • Week 4: Game plan. Bring all parties back together to help put pen to paper on what’s next.

After a Ramsey month, I will be available for calls/emails as needed for 90 days and will schedule a 30, 60, and 90-day checkup call with you and your team.

Are You Locked In For Life?

Nope. You can fire me any time, and you should if I’m not providing value. This makes it clear that my job is to provide value for your business. If that’s no longer happening, I’d much rather part ways on good terms than try to clobber you with legalese about a long-out clause.

Projects / Hourly Work

With the exception of though-partnership, I don’t list an hourly rate project work because I don’t want to be incentivized to take up more of your/my time. I want us both to be focused on your business’ growth metrics, and I’ll work as much as I need to to get the job done. If you have a need that’s not met by one of the options above, let’s chat about it. Once I’ve asked enough questions to know what success looks like for you, I’ll give you a fixed bid if I think it’s a good fit. If it’s not, I’ll try to help you find someone that might be better than me.

*If you didn’t get this joke, I’m sorry. It’s a reference to a TV show where a very famous chef comes to inspect local restaurants, and usually cusses them out. But you should know, should you choose to work with me, you should expect some jokes. Some of them may even be funny, but there will be jokes.