Craig Key – CMO, Growth Coach, Pro-Dad.

I have always been driven by a desire for growth. Growth in skills, growth in knowledge, and revenue growth in business. In fact, I became a marketer by accident, when I was placed in a sales role in my first job. I hated cold-calling and found it to be a waste of time, so I taught myself how to get our company to the top of Google, which was a game-changer for both my own sales, as well as the rest of the company.

space150 – Solving digital problems for fortune 100 brands; built a social media discipline from scratch.

After a few years doing both sales and marketing, I made the leap to join the digital marketing agency space150. Success there meant blending art and science to get great outcomes for clients. I quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the Senior Vice President of Media, and leading the social team, and the media buying and planning functions. During my time at the agency, I led teams in delivering powerful brand messages to audiences across owned, earned, and paid media channels, working with clients like 3M, American Express, and General Mills.

In early 2017, I became CMO of Bite Squad and led the marketing team to drive growth through customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. When I joined, the business had just recently topped $1M in revenue in a single month. By 2018 we did over $80M in revenue ($255M gross) and ultimately had a successful exit, selling for $321M to Waitr.

Bite Squad – Built a marketing team and scaled from 13 to 60 markets; successful exit of $321M.

After the acquisition, I ultimately became the executive leader for marketing for the combined business of Waitr Holdings. This was a trial by fire on the financial markets, but leading marketing for a public company gave me a new perspective that helped me focus much more on the business outcomes rather than chasing the shiny new trends.

Step One Foods – Purpose-Driven Product, 5X Growth!

I joined Step One Foods in early 2020 because I believed in their mission and their founders. I was able to give them a game plan to sustainably invest in their own growth (without having to raise capital) and we had an incredible success: 5x revenue growth from 2019 to 2022. This was not just a marketing effort, this required moving them from a small business, with friends and family staffing, and fulfilling orders, to a fully scaled operation that is now handling hundreds of orders every day. The work was as much in building systems, forecasting, data and analytics as it was in Facebook or Google ads. And I fell in love with Shopify, and the amazing ecosystem that’s being built to support founders.

I’m still proud to be a part of the Step One Foods team, but as of January 2023, I serve now as an advisor, and coach rather than as their full-time CMO.

Today – I want to give you the confidence to accelerate your business.

As a growth coach, I want to take all my lessons learned (including some really painful ones), and apply them to your business. I want to help you avoid stepping in the *%$^ that I’ve already stepped in. Really, I want you to achieve the kind of growth that you know is possible, and that you’ve seen from other businesses that you know don’t have as good of a product or operation as you do.

My focus is on e-commerce stores because all of my nerdy ninja skills happen to align perfectly with what’s going on in DTC, Shopify, and Subscription businesses. If that’s not you, I’d still love to meet you, and see if I can help in some way.

P.S. The role I’m most proud of is that of a dad. Here’s a blogpost about that, if you’re into that sort of thing.